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Did you know that Project Management is a great career choice for transitioning military members?

Your experience serving our country has already given you a firm foundation for launching your Project Management career, and we are excited to help!



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Support PMI Military, Veterans and their families.

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To instill Professionalism, Engagement, Volunteerism, in the Community through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

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Veterans helping veterans and spouses, harness their military experience by providing a community of support with access to subject matter knowledge and personal experience(s). 


Military Outreach Program


In addition to all the existing benefits of a PMI membership, we also offer the following services and resources to help you get started on your new career path:

  1. Support active duty, separated, retired, and spouses of military personnel understand the benefits of a project management accreditation and navigate the application and certification process.
  3. Help military personnel and veterans select PMI certifications and help translate their skills and experience to successfully apply for certification.
  5. Provide networking, educational, and mentorship opportunities
  7. Job Board and other career resources
  9. Contribute to community outreach by Integrating with the veteran community and veteran-friendly companies, with an emphasis on strengthening diversity
  11. Increase awareness and collaboration within a global professional organization
  13. Engage military personnel to consider the project management field and the values, processes, skills, and certifications that PMI offers.
  15. Increase awareness of PMI , PMI MN
  17. PMI Events. 

Note: Through the Military Outreach Program, veterans and active service military who fill project or program manager roles have the opportunity to obtain their PMI certification. 

***A Military PMI volunteer will walk you through this process entire process from Join to Place


How To Join:

Contact us at Ask about our Military Chapter Guest Pass Program to find out if you qualify for a free first year membership to PMI Minnesota Chapter and surrounding area.

Note: You must be a member of PMI Global to join PMI Minnesota Chapter and surrounding area.

“See how PMI can help you get started.”:

PMI Minnesota Chapter membership offers a community of like-minded professionals that can offer to mentorship, help with skills identification and translation, study groups certification preparation, and finding a job.

How To Become Certified:

- List of Project Management Certifications

- PMI Application Process

- PMI Online Courses

- Translating your military experience to PMI:  "military2pm"

- Schedule your exam

Note: Applications for certification and membership need to be submitted to PMI separately. 

How To Qualify for Funding:

Paying for your certification:

- VA Reimbursement

- Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) Program: **requires Military CAC to access sites**

       - Air Force COOL

       - Army COOL

       - Marines COOL

       - Navy COOL

Authorized Training Partners

- Yellow Ribbon Program


- Vets2PM

How To Place (Get a Job):

Project Got Your Back (PGYB):

        > FREE 1:1 mentorship: Veterans connecting other veterans with a variety of resources


        > Hold weekly meetings providing 1:1 mentoring and coaching to veterans looking for a job for FREE

        > Hold monthly meetings hosting professional speakers, networking, and providing job placement assistance for FREE

- Career Services

        > Career employment services through PMI

- American Corporate Partners (ACP)

        > FREE 1:1 mentoring from industry professionals

- Veterati

        > FREE 1:1 mentoring from industry professionals

- MN Career ForceJobs in Minnesota | Career Resources

        > Lists open job postings in Minnesota

- USA JobsThe Federal Government's official employment site

        > Federal job postings

- DOD SkillBridge:  The Federal Government's official employment site

        > Internship opportunities for Active-Duty military members during the last 180 days of service




Additional Resources

Project Management

- PMI Study Hall: A website that will help you study for PMP test. There is a small fee to access. 

PMI Veterans Brochure 2020

- PMI Career Navigator – Tool to access your current skill to create a road map to Project management success.

To collaborate with other professionals and experts around the world, go to

Resume & Job Interview Assistance

Wounded Warriors: Veteran Employment Programs - Help Veterans Find Work | WWP  FREE resume writing assistance, interview preparation, career counseling, and more

Candorful:  Nail That Interview  FREE mock interviews conducted by industry professionals

Pathfinder: USO Pathfinder® Transition Program · United Service Organizations – FREE employment, mentorship, and transition assistance


Are you a Minnesota resident who has served in a combat zone since September 11, 2001? If you answered yes to this question, you may qualify for a FREE cash grant up to $2,000 - $120 per month deployed. Click the link below to learn more about this opportunity to get FREE money (

- List of companies that offer Veteran discounts  – Veteran discounts available year-round - Vantage Point


- Warriors Next Adventure -- FREE mountain climbing, hiking, camping, and outdoor adventures to military members, veterans, and their families

Freedom Fishing Foundation --  FREE fishing trips for military members, veterans, and their families

VetTix:  Tickets For Troops - Veteran Tickets Foundation -- FREE concert, sporting, and event tickets for military members, veterans, and their families


- Homeless Shelter Near Me:  Provides a list of homeless shelters across the United States 

PMI MN webinars and books related to Military

Translating your Military Experience for the PMP Application , by Retired Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant, Tim Dalhouse

- Why military experience is ideal for Project Management

How military can discover civilian Project Management



Interested in giving back to military community?

Send email to  or access Opportunity Search