Board of Directors

2019 Bios


Mohamed Diab, Past President


Adam Cherrill, Director of Finance 



Manish Kalra, Director at Large


Janice Pyka, President


Geraldine Marks, Director of Governance


Michael O’Connor, Director At Large



Sara Swanson, President Elect


Alisha Walter, Director at Large



Devi Chetty, Director At Large

  • Current Chapter Role(s): Past President, Board Liaison for Outreach
  • Past Chapter Role(s): President
  • Profession: Construction Project Manager and Educator
  • Fun Fact: Lived in 3 continents Asia, Africa, North America

  • Current Chapter Role(s): Chapter President, Board Liaison for Professional Development Days
  • Past Chapter Role(s): Career Fair Team Lead, Co-Chair Membership 2016 and 2017
  • Profession: Business and Marketing Project Manager
  • Fun Fact: Scratch cook.  Love to entertain with small intimate groups & share my dishes
  • Current Chapter Role(s): President Elect, COO
  • Past Chapter Role(s): Webinar Moderator, then Webinar and Seminars Program Manager
  • Profession: Digital Experience and Commerce Program Manager
  • Fun Fact: I have 5 beautiful children and I am a Grandma

  • Current Chapter Role(s): Director of Finance
  • Past Chapter Role(s): Programs Chair
  • Profession: President of Cherrill Consulting Group, an Aerospace & Defense Management Consultancy
  • Fun Fact: Avid guitarist and recording musician

  • Current Chapter Role(s): Director of Governance, Board Liaison for Volunteer Services
  • Past Chapter Role(s): Director of Governance, Chair of IT Committee
  • Profession: Project Manager at HealthPartners
  • Fun Fact: Fashion, learning and understanding different cultures

  • Current Chapter Role(s): Director at Large, Board Liaison for Membership, PMP Instructor    
  • Past Chapter Role(s): Director at Large
  • Profession: Sr. Project Manager at Prime Therapeutics 
  • Fun Fact: I have a small horse ranch an hour north of the city.  I would ride horses from sunrise to sunset every day, if time allowed.  I am planning to go on a cattle drive out west summer of 2020.
  • Current Chapter Role(s): Director at Large, Board Liaison Professional Development
  • Past Chapter Role(s): PMP Instructor, Seminars Manager, Professional Development Chair
  • Profession: Sr Project Manager at HealthPartners
  • Fun Fact: Traveled to Rome for EMEA, a lot of fun, learning, and networking
  • Current Chapter Role: Director at Large, Board Liaison for Sponsorship, Finance Committee
  • Past Chapter Role(s): Co-Chair Community Outreach
  • Profession: Director Strategy and Project Management, Healthcare 
  • Fun Fact: Favorite travel destination is the Carribbean


  • Current Chapter Role(s): Director at large, PMP instructor, Board Liaison for Programs
  • Past Chapter Role(s): Professional Development, Programs, PDD
  • Profession: Director, Software Development, Federal Reserve Bank
  • Fun Fact: Love to cook, watch Bollywood movies and play board games