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almost everything in life is a project!

The sooner one learns the skills to manage it well, the sooner one gains the benefits for life. 

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Be an enabler to youth towards a successful life through project management education. 

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Through introduction to the basics of project management as well as tools and techniques, help participants develop skills to become a great project manager leading successful projects. 

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Just about everything in life is a project. Providing the opportunity for youth to learn the skills early and to manage it well will benefit them for life.


Youth education program

Class sessions offered as needed throughout the year.  Date & time subject to change – inquire with PMSFL Program Manager, before registering.  Whether it is in-person or virtual class will be announced before registration starts.  

Additional Special Session requests by schools, programs, or youth organizations are welcome. For more information, please contact PMSFL Program Manager

A limited number of Scholarships are available for full waiver of the registration fee. The Scholarship Form  (see below)  must be submitted 15 days prior to the session.

HOW TO participate

  • 14 years old and up are welcome.  No prerequisite.
  • No need to be a member of PMI MN to participate.
  • Minimum 4 registrants to open the class – so, ask your friends to sign up too!
  • Registration closes 8 days prior to the session.
  • Scholarship available for PMSFL - Fundamentals participants. 

Participants of 14 years of age and up who have an eagerness to participate or explore Project Management as a career option is eligible for our PMSFL Scholarship. The scholarship will waive the PMSFL course fee to anyone who may need financial assistance to participate in the PMSFL program.

Application Process

- Download the Scholarship Form.

- Fill out the information, sign, and email back to PMI-MN Administrator at least 15 days before the class start date.  This form has two pages.  Do not register yet until you hear back from PMI-MN.

- Applicant will be notified of the result of the scholar application approximately one week before the class date.  Register once the notification is received, but before the registration deadline with the Scholarship Granting information provided in the notification.

- Application with incomplete information will not be considered.

- Contact PMSFL Program Manager if you have questions.


  • PMI MN offers workshops in the PMSFL program.  They are NOT PMI Certification courses but will provide the background to get there.
  • After the course, the participants would leave knowing how to:

1. Create and follow a project plan

2. Break big jobs into smaller tasks

3. Prioritize activities, recruit resources

4. Create a backup plan… “Plan B”

5. Implement plan, track progress, monitor outcome

5. Get the job DONE, and Celebrate Success!

  • Some of the PMI Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) Process Groups and Knowledge Areas discussions are included in the curriculum:

1.Process Groups: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing

2. Knowledge Areas: Integration, Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Resource, Communications, Risk, Procurement, and Stakeholder.


Special Sessions Possibilities

Many youth organizations found the Project Management Skills for Life® program to be very beneficial to their members, particularly in the areas of project planning, execution and leadership.  PMI MN is open to any youth organization to request a special PMSFL session for their members.  In the past, we have done special PMSFL sessions for a local robotic club, church youth organization, and conservation leadership club.

If interested in setting up a special session, please contact PMSFL Program Manager to indicate the desired date, time and location.  Please provide 2-3 options and allow at least two months leads time to set up the session.  We do require minimum of four participants, and maximum of 30.

PMSFL Instructors Wanted!

The PMSFL (Project Management Skills for Life®) program in PMI MN (Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute) is looking for male & female instructors to teach the PMSFL workshop to teenagers (14-19 yrs. old) and young adults (20 yrs. old and up.)  Please contact PMSFL Program Manager if interested.

Download the Instructor Application Form -


An ideal instructor candidate should have:   

               - 5+ Yrs. Project Management Experience

               - Familiar with PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge, ed. 6 or beyond)

               - Certification with PMI – preferred, e.g. PMP or CAPM etc.

              - Be willing to attend a PMSFL session (as a “Train-The-Trainer” session) prior to his/her teaching session.


PMI and PMI MN advocate diversity, equity & inclusion by providing life skills training opportunities to youth in diverse communities for their future success.

For additional information and questions please contact PMSFL Program Manager.