Why to Attend Professional Development Days

Professional Development Days (PDD):

Over the first three days, Education Days offers a host of classes in half-day, one-day, and two-day lengths covering topics such as: diverse as emotional intelligence, team cohesion, culture change, accountable leadership, risk, innovation, and the list goes on. A three day PMI-PMP® certification prep bootcamp awards attendees 24 education hours and the dedicated time to dive into the learning needed to successfully pass the exam and earn certification. And this year we’ve continued with our new practice of providing endnote speakers at the end of the day to challenge your thinking!

Symposium Day:

Our Symposium Day offers a range of 24 one-hour sessions where you can mix and match from various tracks on areas, such as: Leadership, Strategy, Technical Skills, Change, Applied PM, and Agile. Do you need to know more about leveraging change or making generational differences work? Or are you curious about servant leadership and organizational project management? These are just a few of the topics from which you can choose.

Special Instructions:

PMI-MN PDD Days is one of the nation's premier Project Management conferences held at the Saint Paul, MN RiverCentre. It is a four-day conference from September 23rd through 26th, 2019 (8 am - 5 pm). PDD Days features educational speakers, keynote speakers, event vendors, and networking opportunities with fellow project management professionals across several industries from throughout the Midwest.

Professional Development Days 2019

How to Register

  1. View the Education Days classes schedule
  2. Click on the link for a class you would like to register for
  3. Registration page will open
  4. Click on Register Now
  5. Click on Sign In and enter your User name and password (if you have created one or have an account with us)
    • Use the email address you have on pmi.org to begin with - we may have already created your account
    • If you get a message saying your email is in use, request a new password
    • If you are getting "token invalid" contact us
    • if you don't have an account, click "Register" tab after clicking on Signin to create an account
  6. Complete your Registration

Call 651.917.6246 or email registrations@pmi-mn.org for any issues or would like us to complete your registration

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*Please make note you can register for one event at a time, we are working on enabling multi event registration feature

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Education Days
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
23-Sep 24-Sep 25-Sep
3 Day Class
PMP®/CAPM® Certification Preparation Course
2 Day Classes
Transform Your Projects Through Neuroscience: Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ®) for Successful Project Management
Jacy Imilkowski
PDU: 16 (Leadership: 6, Strategy: 5, Technical: 5)
Agile 101 and Scrum – Jump start your learning towards the PMI ACP®
Michael Nir
PDU: 16 (Leadership)
Agile Product Owner/Business Analysis Workshop
Angela Wick
PDU: 16 (Strategy: 8, Technical: 8)
Essential Tools for Leaders, Teams and Organizations
Neil Ihde
PDU: 16 (Leadership: 8, Technical: 8)
1 Day Class
"Daily Execution for Extraordinary Results"
Scott Welle
PDU: 8 (Leadership: 4, Strategy: 4)
Results based project management
Susan Heinlein
PDU: 8 (Leadership: 4, Strategy: 4)
"100x Leader" - How to become someone worth following
Jeff Meacham
PDU: 8 (Leadership: 3, Strategy: 2.5, Technical: 2.5)
Lead from the front of the Room with Confidence!
Sara Krisher
PDU: 8 (Leadership: 5, Strategy: 1.5, Technical: 1.5)

ELEVATE – Take Your Business to the Next Level
Erik Therwanger
PDU: 8 (Strategy: 5.5, Technical: 2.5)
The Project Managers Dilemma: How To Lead When You Have All The Responsibility and No Authority
Steve Armstrong
PDU: 8 (Leadership:6, Strategy: 2)
PPM Works - Inclusive Overview of Portfolio Management through Project Online & Project 2016
Jacques Goupil
PDU: 8 (Technical)
Communication and Persuasion in On-the-Spot Situations
Stevie Ray
PDU: 8 (Technical)
Courageous Conversations for Productive Project Managers
Tom Esch
PDU: 8 (Leadership: 5, Technical: 3)
Persuading the Bear™: Learn how to Build Engaged Communities through Horizontal Influencing – Org Change Leadership Certification
Michael Nir
PDU: 8 (Strategy)  
How to Lead Workgroups Through Change
Michael Gregory
PDU: 8 (Leadership)
Resiliency: Do You Bend or Break?
Nan Gesche
PDU: 8 (Leadership: 5.5, Strategy: 2.5)
1/2 Day Class

"5 Voices: Mastering Effective Communication"
Jeff Meacham
PDU: 4 (Leadership)
Understanding The Latest LinkedIn
Platform and Value for PMI Members and Guests
Larry Kaufman
PDU: 4 (Leadership)
4 Types of Problem Solving Methods
Didier Rabino
PDU: 4 (Leadership: 1, Strategy: 1.5, Technical: 1.5)
I Have A Dream - Making Sure Your Goals Are Not Gone With the Wind
Jane Schuette
PDU: 4 (Strategy: 2, Technical: 2)
Strengths-Based Project Management: Social Intelligence for Project Managers
Ruth Pearce
PDU: 4 (Strategy: 1, Technical: 3)
Why Great Projects Fail:
How to Move Your Team from Concept to Concrete Results Every Time
Scott Propp
PDU: 4 (Leadership)
1/2 Day Class

"Rockstar Portfolio Management"
Craig Kilford
PDU: 4 (Strategy: 2, Technical: 2)
Imposter Syndrome – And What
To Do About It
Heather Whelpley
PDU: 4 (Strategy)
Dynamic Leadership- Communicate Effectively, Reduce Conflict &
Increase Productivity By Becoming An Expert On The Team You are Leading
Betsy Allen-Manning
PDU: 4 (Leadership: 3, Strategy: 1)
Watch Betsy's Video
Your Empowerment Workshop: How to take control of your time, energy & money every single day.
Kathy Hanson
PDU: 4 (Leadership:3, Strategy: 1)
The Good Side of Conflict
Jeannette Grace
PDU: 4 (Strategy:4)
Leading with Cultural Intelligence: Essential Skills for Engaging Culturally Diverse Communities and Stakeholders
Samad Aidane
PDU: 4 (Leadership:4)
Free Events (for PDD Registrants)

Endnote Speakers 4:14-5:15
“Downhills Don't Come Free”
Jerry Holl
PDU: 1 (Leadership)
"She said WHAT? How to stop the generational hiccups on your next project."
Catherine Byers Breet
PDU: 1 (Leadership: 0.5, Strategy: 0.5)
"Transformational Leadership”
Matt Mayberry
PDU: 1 (Leadership)
PMI 50th Year Anniversary
5:30pm-7:30pm at the St. Paul RiverCenter.
Open to PMI-MN Members and PDD attendees  

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